Online Shopping: The Launch of Our UNIQQ Mobile App

by Yan Baravets

At UNIQQ, we’re proud to offer thousands of high-quality products to our expansive community of customers. Without the complication of shopping in person, you can find everything you need with the touch of a button.

Whether you’re a loyal UNIQQ customer or you’re new to our online store, we’ve got some BIG news you’ll want to hear about. We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new mobile app, designed to offer the ultimate online shopping experience.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Mobile App…

Streamlined Shopping Experience

One of the most significant benefits of downloading our UNIQQ mobile shopping app is the all-inclusive shopping experience on offer. From the comfort of your sofa or the convenience of your commute, you can enjoy smooth, straightforward online shopping direct from your device. 

The interface has been designed to be clear and user-friendly, no matter how experienced you are with mobile applications. You’ll be able to find everything you need as soon as you need it – simply browse, shop and go.

Notifications For the Latest Deals 

We’re passionate about ensuring our loyal customers get access to the most attractive and exciting deals as soon as they become available. Our brand new mobile shopping app gives you the option to unlock exclusive discounts and updates thanks to our push notifications. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, our app will keep you in the loop with simple and valuable reminders. 

Push notifications could include: 

  • Discount codes and the latest deals
  • New-in and must-have products
  • Order reminders and updates
  • Company news from UNIQQ
mobile shopping app

Leave and Read Reviews 

Discovering customer feedback is one of the most important parts of any online shopping experience, and our UNIQQ mobile app is designed to make it easy. We’re proud of the excellent reviews we get on our wide variety of products – that’s why we display them on our app for all to see. 

As well as getting the low-down on other customer perspectives, you can also leave feedback of your own as soon as your order arrives. Doing this directly from your phone makes the process super quick and easy, especially if you want to upload photos or spruce up your review with some emojis!

Create a Wishlist Through the App 

There’s nothing worse than browsing the web, finding something you love and then losing it when you close all of your tabs, right? With the UNIQQ mobile shopping app, you’ll never have to face that pain again! 

Our interface has been specially designed with a wishlist feature to save and store all of your most wanted products for later. This is ideal for compiling birthday wishlists, gift ideas or collections for each room in your home. The app also helps make online shopping more purposeful, giving you time to reflect on the items on offer and decide if you really need them.

online shopping


Track the Progress of Your Order 

Once upon a time, the only way to track the progress of an online order was to wait excitedly by the window and hope it would soon arrive. With our UNIQQ mobile app, you can view all of your order details in one place – including updates on its progress. Once you’ve got the information from your app, you can ensure you’re in the right place to receive your parcel when it finally arrives!

Search and Purchase On-the-Go 

Shopping inspiration can strike anytime, so it’s essential to have an app that enables you to shop whenever and wherever you need to. Thanks to the simple UNIQQ interface, you can browse and purchase while walking, running or even swimming (should you have the waterproof technology to support such an activity!) 

Simply search for what you need, scroll through our expansive selection, compile your perfect wishlist and head straight to checkout – all from your mobile app. 

mobile app

Pay Easily With Crypto 

At UNIQQ, we believe in making the shopping experience as accessible and effortless as possible. As well as all of the usual payment methods, you can also shop with crypto payments through our mobile app with popular cryptocurrencies. All of our transactions are safe and secure, and we’ll only store your payment details for a later date if you ask us to.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the exciting launch of the UNIQQ mobile app. Head to the app store and search ‘UNIQQ’ to download, or follow this link now.

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